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I really like the music. Game is simple but it's clear that some effort went into it.

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Thank you, appreciated! The composer has a Bandcamp page if you want to support him or listen more of his music.



it's great to see other creators from Argentina

good luck pibe

Gracias! :)


Matias??? You are a russian?

No. Why do you ask?

Prespektiva in russian luangege is Prespektiva XD Im russian player and i see Prespektiva


I'm from Argentina but lastname origins resemble people from Volga river. BTW love a metal band from there called Amatory.

Woah!!! I didnt know this band!!! And... YOU WAS IN RUSSIA


1.1.1 [2015-11-14]

  • Fix multiple paddles and balls bug.
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Hello Mathias, Loving the game so far, but I've found a little bug, its easy to replicate, if you push the launch button at same time of the ball reposition you get 2 balls the normal and one stuck at the spawn point on the paddle. sometimes i get a ghost/duplicatedpaddle too.

Thank you! I was aware of the issue but I didn't know how to reproduce it. Glad to know the steps. I will work on that. Thanks again.


1.1.0 [2015-11-02]

  • Performance improvements for ball camera.
  • Ball camera vision improvements & tweeks.
  • Fix ball minimum velocity.
  • Fix paddle movement on slow motion.
  • Fix "readme.txt" typo.